Peter Jansen

International Board Member

Freedom is found in your own mind. Once you find it, the entire world becomes your home, spread your wings and embrace all the beauty set before you. Fly and land where you want to be, and stay if you wish to do so. You are free!

Learn to question yourself and to question leadership at all levels, affect change, create impact and transcend.

You have one life to live and to leave your mark. Work to transcend your own mortality by creating things, thoughts, and movements which will be worked on beyond your borders and beyond your life. You are free, and in your free mind, there are no limits.

This sums Peter Jansen up, and he walks his talk. His mission is to empower and accompany people in their search for the legacy they will leave through their leadership.

Peter has more than two decades of international experience in emotional intelligence and leadership coaching, having coached or trained more than one million people in over 20 countries in the past 24 years. He cooperates permanently with medical professionals, universities, associations and top coaches around the world in search of initiating transformational change. Understanding emotions, human nature, and leadership have been his passion from an early age. Throughout his career, he has developed systems to create influence to lead through emotional intelligence. His work is to teach and accompany leaders using these strategies and techniques through his coaching, books, radio programs, TV shows, speeches, and trainings.