Marco Muñoz

US Board Member

I was born and raised in Ecuador, South America. I attended College and graduated with a Bachelors Associate. As an Entrepreneur I aspired to a better life that I had always envisioned. I moved to Spain to study and graduated with a MBA in Business.

I came to the United States 4 years ago after graduating in Spain. I left Ecuador leaving all my life behind. I had a good economic life, and had just finished my MBA. But I decided to move to California. My mother and sister were already living here. My family is a very important part of my life. My mother and my sister, they are the pillars in my life.

My sister owned seven successful Insurance Companies, so I started working for her. I wanted to do a life of my own like I always had in Ecuador. So I started a construction and solar company in November 2016.

Two years later, I was introduced to a new opportunity, this amazing company called PHP. People helping people and FMO ( Financial Marketing Organization) where we help families to be protected with life insurance and also develop entrepreneurs and business owners. Since November 2018, I partnered with my sister and got a building, I have employed a team of 2,000 people from different backgrounds. in different industries, from dishwashers, people working at the oil fields, to people with a College Degree, MBA, PHD and business owners. With a turnkey of making from one to three figure income. A great opportunity to actually take entrepreneurship to the next level.

I see entrepreneurship as the way to take the world to the next level where we entrepreneurs around the world will generate opportunities to create new jobs and help the economy become stronger.