Ariana Thamas

US Board Member

While Ariana pursues her undergraduate degree at University of California, Davis majoring in International Relations and looks forward to double majoring in Communications in the near future, she displays a strong passion towards serving those around her, especially within her community. After dedicating her middle school through high school summers towards volunteering as a CIT (Counselor in Training) for the Oceanside Boys and Girls Club, she competed for California State Youth of the Year in 2018-2019. After obtaining this title she spread her adversity story by giving speeches in huge fundraising events and companies in order to stand for the misrepresented youth. Furthermore, in her junior year of high school, she created her own Youth Success Club, to encourage and assist students to create goal oriented plans for their foreseeable futures. After hosting speakers and working diligently to provide the resources for students to build communal connections, members gave a presentation at the end of the year on their progress. She is also a Miss Oceanside Princess, a scholarship title in which the aid in company ribbon-cuttings and any community events. With her continuous involvement in high school as a Model United Nations member and Public Relations Officer, Ariana not only developed a passion for her own community, but the international community and stressing the importance of diplomacy all around the world.